Moving to Medium

Medium is all the rage these days. More and more of the blogs that I read are now on Medium so it has me curious. I played around with it a few months ago and even though it sounded...

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Autonomous Vehicles

There’s so much buzz these days about autonomous vehicles aka self-driving cars. Google is working on one, Apple is allegedly working on one and Tesla is making some strides in that direction as well. Quite frankly I...

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Adding Resiliency to DTR 1.4.2

For anyone using Docker Trusted Registry 1.4.x you know that resiliency isn’t built in. There’s no native HA so it’s up to you to define and manage that capability. I was eager to delivery an internal registry but there’s no...

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What software do I use all the time?

I decided to put together a list of 3rd party software products and services I consider indispensable in my day or day or weekly arsenal.

Here goes…

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Trouble running the Apple Hardware Test?

Lately I’ve been experiencing odd random issues with my mid-2012 rMBP. Things like an odd translucent box appearing on the screen after a reboot that looked almost like a burn-in issue (wish I took a screenshot now), then my battery...

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A little over a week ago I came across a service called Beeminder that takes a really interesting spin on goal tracking and goal achievement, specifically for goals that can be quantified. In short the premise is that every...

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Testing Kubernetes on AWS

After a lot of digging and figuring things out, I was finally able to get a working Kubernetes cluster running in AWS. This post walks through what I did.

Disclaimer: These steps should only be used for kicking the Kubernetes...

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