Moving to Medium

March 19, 2016
1 min read

Medium is all the rage these days. More and more of the blogs that I read are now on Medium so it has me curious. I played around with it a few months ago and even though it sounded interesting there was no support for custom domains, now there is. Medium has what they call “Publications” which would be synonymous to your blog. Think of it as a magazine with a theme being the topic of interest of your blog. These Publications are what Medium allows you to associate with a Custom Domain.

What’s really interesting about Medium and also a significant advantage over building your own blog is the audience that it brings to your content. Stories published on that platform are seen by far more readers vs the ones on your own blog.

This current blog resides on GitHub Pages and I chose that platform for flexibility. The ability to completely customize my static site however I wanted. Truth be told, that’s a pretty timing consuming process and just adds noise to the intent of a blog which is to write interesting articles. Sometimes I spend days tweaking certain parts of the site but that’s all time I could be writing so I will do just that. In the next few days I’ll start migrating over to Medium and give it a go.

Hope to see you there.