What software do I use all the time?

January 7, 2016
2 mins read

I decided to put together a list of 3rd party software products and services I consider indispensable in my day or day or weekly arsenal.

Here goes…

Service Paid Free Start Using Purpose
Gmail   x Jan 2005 Personal mail
Chrome   x ~End of 2008 Web browser
Evernote x   January 2009 Used to be note taking, now just PDF searching and organization
Last.fm   x March 2009 Scrobbling my music listening and nerding out on my listening patterns
Lastpass x   February 2010 Password management
Github x   July 2012 Storing code and blog
Spotify x   July 2012 Listening to music based on my mood and being able to view my listening patterns on last.fm
Google Drive   x August 2012 Inexpensive online storage for my documents and automatic sync of certain settings files
iTerm2   x ~September 2012 Terminal emulator
Tweetbot x   January 2013 Twitter client for iPhone and Mac
OmniGraffle x   January 2013 Diagramming
Dash x   January 2014 Offline documentation browser
Slack   x August 2014 Team/group/bot chat
Feedly x   December 2014 All my RSS feeds go here for every blog I follow (176 last count)
Todoist x   April 2015 Todo management
Postman x   July 2015 API testing
Atom   x October 2015 General text editor
RescueTime x   December 2015 Time tracking on my laptop mostly. Need to start using their offline tracker too
PyCharm   x December 2015 Python development
Quiver x   December 2015 Note taking
Beeminder x   January 2016 Goal tracking
Headspace x   January 2016 Meditation
Blinkly x   January 2016 Reading summarized versions of non-fictional books

Will keep adding and updating as time goes on.